ACU Centre
Acu Centre

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic
ACU Centre, Suites 2 & 11, 219 Balaclava Road
Caulfield North, Victoria 3161 Australia
Phone & Fax: (613) 9532 9602


Edward (Ted) Harold Davis

Attending TCM Physician & Practitioner


Bachelor of Economics (Honours), (Monash University, Melbourne)
Master of Applied Science (Research), (La Trobe University, Melbourne)
Doctor of Philosophy, (Medicina Alternativa Institute, Open University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo)
Practitioner Diploma of Acupuncture, (Australian Acupuncture College, Melbourne)
Diploma of Chinese Herbal Medicine, (Australian College of Oriental Medicine, Melbourne)
Certificate of Oriental Massage, (Australian Acupuncture College, Melbourne)

Case Studies
West Meets East
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