ACU Centre
Acu Centre

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic
ACU Centre, Suites 2 & 11, 219 Balaclava Road
Caulfield North, Victoria 3161 Australia
Phone & Fax: (613) 9532 9602

Acupuncture, Laser, Prepared Herbs & Medicinals
Acupuncture Research: theoretical, applied & juxtapositional


This site mainly deals with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which is the core therapy administered in our clinic.

Of particular interest at AcuCentre is TCM's relationship with western medical biosciences (WMB), as well as with disciplines such as hatha yoga.


THE CLINIC page provides clinical information you may need to know about AcuCentre, including the hours of business and an outline of the services provided. There is also some information about how treatment sessions are conducted.


A Light Interlude: LI 1

A Not-So-Light Interlude: NSL1

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